8 minutes of terror

The thing is, it’s so bad it’s funny.

And anyone who doesn’t already have a problem with Jews can see it. Anyone who does  have a problem with Jews is not going to hear our venerable leader, Jeremy Jones of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, and think, “Gee… I’ve been wrong about you people all along!”

We’re talking about a an 8 minute play. It’s just another one of those cultural expressions of the evils of Israel (but not Jews – some of their best friends are Jews).

Some lady named, Caryl Churchill wrote it. Who? Let’s just say that if our resplendent leader, Mr. Jones had not screamed, “FIRE” yet again in the crowded theatre of multicultural discourse, we would never have heard of Caryl Churchill, and neither would you.

In seven one-minute acts, Israelis discuss what to say to a theoretical Israeli child. Are they talking about  the Holocaust? Do they mean to enlighten her on the Six Day War, border incidents or the phenomenon of suicide bombings?

“Tell her not to be afraid” is this brief offering’s leitmotif. They must repeat it at least a zillion times. Seriously.

As Christopher Hart writes in The Sunday Times, “Seven Jewish Children isn’t art, it’s straitjacketed political orthodoxy. No surprises, no challenges, no risks. Only the enclosed, fetid, smug, self-congratulating and entirely irrelevant little world of contemporary political theatre… Meanwhile, donating to Medical Aid for Palestinians [as requested by the producers] seems a good idea. I just hope the supplies get through. Two weeks ago, the UN suspended all food aid to Gaza after 10 lorry-loads of supplies, 3,500 blankets and 400 food boxes were stolen at gunpoint. By Hamas.”

See? There are goyim capable of being offended by drivel even without the hysterical reactions of our leadership.

But let’s say that Jeremy Jones is obliged to react to every single nasty word said against Jews. You reckon he might have read the play before he started mouthing off. It goes for 8 minutes and is available to the public online! How long would it have taken him to read it?

By telling the fearless reporters at The Age (May 8) he didn’t really know what it was about but he hated it anyway, he makes it very difficult for readers to take him seriously. And because he is de-facto speaking on behalf of all of us, he embarrasses all of us.

As for Max Gillies and Miriam Margolyes – once they were leading lights on the stage. Now they’re picking up the odd 8 minute gig at a city library. It’s not even a proper performance – just a reading. Really nothing to get too worked up over.

And Margolyes’ idea of a biting riposte to accusations of anti-Semitism?

“That’s bollocks! We want Israel to survive, but not like this, not by killing other people.”

Brilliant! How come no-one ever thought of that before.

As intellectual heavyweights, these guys are pretty scary. We hope they don’t keep Mr. Jones up at night.

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11 Responses to “8 minutes of terror”

  1. Princess says:

    Finally!! Someone out there is saying what we’re all thinking.

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  2. greer cashman says:

    You ask where are the moderates,when the impression you convey about yourselves – at least to this reader – is that you are radicals. All things are relative, and just as one man’s meat is another man’s poison, one man’s moderate is another man’s radical.
    Just for the record, moderates are not generally considered to be provocative, but provocation appears to be the raison d’etre of your blog

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  3. sensiblejew says:

    Thanks, Princess.

    Hi, Greer Cashman. Thanks for your post!

    We really aren’t radicals at all. We’re committed Jews. We’re committed Zionists. We think anti-Zionism is almost always a cover for anti-Semitism. Pretty well inside the mainstream there. We also think there are enough people who are dissatisfied with our leadership that we are not a fringe element in calling for greater accountability.

    As for provocation and the moderate – I strongly disagree. Being a moderate in one’s views is about eschewing the extremes and the simplistic slogans that chareacterise them. But a moderate can also be extremely concerned about a particular situation (as we are about the current Jewish leadership and the leftist opposition), and that concern necessitates the use of strong argument and language that can express profound worries.

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  4. Faygale says:

    This anti Zionist Play is being sponsored and promoted by Australians for Palestine on Monday night what does that tell you .Not only that Loewenstein who compares Israeli’s to Nazis and who believes Israel should be part of the Arab world not a Jewish state also promotes this play. Not only that Muslim advocate and Loewensteins mate and supporter Robert Richter , extremist lawyer Randa Abdel- Fattah who spewed so much hatred towards Israelis on Q & A the other night, MIchael Shaik Palestinian Lobbies t from Australians for Palestine a Muslim academic and Jewish Palestinian activist Miriam Margolyes will all sit on a panel immediately after the Play and discuss with a left wing anti Israel audience how those pesky Zionists are so evil.

    The Palestinian Lobby in Australia supported by Fairfax , SBS abd ABC are working overtime that’s for sure.

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  5. Frochel says:

    Hi Sensible Jew,

    I have been very much in agreement with everything you have written (especially your criticisms of Maccabi’s appalling and inexplicable pronouncements) apart from your attack on Mr Jones (in this particular case).

    More likely than not, the Age simply phoned Mr Jones and asked him a question on the spot, to which he gave his answer.

    If he had actually organised a protest or similar, then I would have agreed with you that he was “screaming FIRE.” However, this was not the case. This is simply the Age doing its Jew-baiting best.

    Good luck with your new blog.

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  6. sensiblejew says:

    Hi Frochel.

    Thanks for your post. You raise a good point about Jeremy Jones. Perhaps it would have been better if he’d declined to comment because he hadn’t read the play. We need to be smarter with publications like The Age, which employ some reporters that are keen to show the Zionists in as bad a light as possible. The folks at Sensible Jew felt that Mr. Jones had not played that one as well as he could have.

    As for the Maccabi issue, here’s hoping enough people object and good sense prevails.

    And thanks for your kind words about the blog.

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  7. Blistering says:

    My grandparents who perished in the Holocaust wanted to survive the Nazis but they didn’t manage to survive.

    My parents who survived the Holocaust did manage to survive but only because those who were brave enough to oppose the Nazis did so by “killing other people.”

    Some of that “killing” was brutal and some of it misguided.

    But I’m here.

    Does Ms. Margolem think that was wrong too?

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  8. paroggan says:

    In theory, the general public should be entrusted with the right to make their own minds up about what’s presented to them on the stage (or in the cinema, in the paper, on TV, on the radio, and so on).

    In practice, there’s little room for that, because as soon as one of our easily provoked spokespeople jumps on an issue, especially without having anything particularly intelligent to say, that same general public feels the need to react against what they perceive as the censorious efforts of the Lobby.

    Every time the community reacts in a weird way to an external event, or does something weird itself, like investing in donkey insemination and creating racially pure sporting clubs, we see the same situation playing out: either the reaction is so thoughtless that it necessarily forgoes even the semblance of legitimate public debate, or the thoughtless publication and myopic broadcasting of our own activities takes place as if the borders of our own limited media landscape are so impermeable that when Mx breaks the story, there’s no way of explaining what actually happened.

    May the Sensible Jew carry the torch of considered, measured responses, and careful, self-conscious public relations. After all, this is the diaspora, and it pays to be smart.

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  9. sensiblejew says:

    Wow, Parrogan. Thank you for your kind words and wonderful comment. Its sentiments will certainly be reflected in our next post.

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  10. Malki says:

    Paroggan, Bimheirah B’yameinu, Amen!

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  11. Ittay says:

    seven jewish children is now playing in Hebrew in Israel.
    your thoughts?

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