Congratulations Albert Dadon: PR and High-Level Advocacy the Right Way

We congratulate Albert Dadon on not only orchestrating the wonderful  Gillard, Costello et al trip to Israel, but for the elegant and articulate way in which he has handled the inevitable complaints from the anti-Zionists.

In response to a petition signed by 150 anti-Zionists (some of whom are academics), Mr Dadon simply replied, “Criticism is the legitimate right of people living in a democracy. It is also the legitimate right of Julia Gillard and others in our group to visit Israel.”

No invective. No hyperbole. Mr Dadon’s calm, reasoned response exposes the anti-Zionist complaints for what they are: ridiculous.

Kol ha’kavod!

Meanwhile, whichever bright spark wrote the petition urged Parliamentarians, “to think seriously about the moral implications of Australia normalising relations with a state that is still under investigations for war crimes.”

“Normalising relations?” We were unaware that Australian relations with Israel were abnormal. Perhaps we missed the announcement that Australia had cut all ties to the Jewish state. In that case, we’re particularly pleased that Mr Dadon has organised this trip!

Thanks to the AJN for providing the original article (print version, page 3).

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60 Responses to “Congratulations Albert Dadon: PR and High-Level Advocacy the Right Way”

  1. Disinterested Observer says:


    Hmmm. I definitely don’t believe in *any* god but I am too lazy to figure out exactly what an agnostic is (it always seems complicated) and I’m not going so say I’m an “atheist” because the idea of god is too unimportant to me to define myself by not believing in it. So hence “well, nothing really” if someone *asks* about my religion (which is a very rare event). So apathy is involved, I suppose, but there is no intellectual ambivalence.

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  2. Not-So-Disinterested Obersver,

    Re #56 Ouch! And some fair points.

    Re #57 I listed those three faiths because they seemed most pertinent to the issue of the Middle East – over there, people really do define themselves by their faith communities. In Australia and most other places in the Western world (I can’t speak of other ‘worlds’), they do not. Perhaps I could have written ‘people of all faiths and of none.’ But I didn’t want to sound too much like Barack Obama.

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  3. sensiblejew says:

    Thanks, Daniel! Like Yoram said, you’ve got so much of interest to say.

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  4. sensiblejew says:

    Hi Elder of Zion (still love the name).

    You make a couple of very interesting points. There seems to be a shared worldview among anti-Zionists that there is something inherently morally shameful about Israel and Zionism, as oposed to any other ethno-nationalist entity. Their starting point for any criticism is therefore always couched in tones of outrage and frustration that the rest of the world cannot perceive the “obvious” perfidy of any relationship with the Jewish State.

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  5. sensiblejew says:

    Sadducee, as always, you ask great questions.

    I would go a step further and contend that Israel/Palestine might even be a lightning rod for personal issues and pathologies. So many people on the extremes of both sides of the debate seem to project some personal concept of justice/injustice that is not contextualised within any geopolitical framework. Their ire seems to be an internal conflict projected onto a political canvas.

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  6. sensiblejew says:

    Thanks, Heartened. We’ll definitely give it a look.

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  7. sensiblejew says:

    Heartened, I just had a look at the link to the story of the petition against Gillard’s visit. We did discusss this petition in the post and comments. These guys don’t have a hope of succeeding. And Dadon’s response to them was absolutely pitch perfect.

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  8. sensiblejew says:

    Morning, Disinterested Observer and Daniel Levy. This is your friendly moderator advising you both that you’ve moved OFF TOPIC. We’ve made it clear that this forum is NOT for discussions of Israel/Palestine beyond DIRECT links to the Melbourne community. There are plenty of such forums already.

    There is only one (ours) that is for the Australian Jewish community. For that reason, any further contributions to this cparticular Israel/Palestine discussion will be deleted.

    Disinterested Observer, you’ve been pushing this envelope a fair bit recently. There are many, many places you can go to discuss Israel/Palestine. If you persist in ignoring our requests to stay away from Israel/Palestine beyond direct links to Australian Jewry, you’ll no longer be welcome here.

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  9. sensiblejew says:

    Heartened, the nature of online forums is such that animosity can sometimes be the default setting. Of course you are right that it’s absolutely counterproductive. That is why we are reasonably rigid about deleting content-free personal attacks.

    Yoram, you’re quite right: it’s an important point. We’ve been avoiding it because it can so easily become just another Israel/Palestine debate. On reflection, however, that’s not a good enough reason to avoid it all together. Go for it!

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