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July 2009


SJ Signs off – temporarily

Dear Readers,
As you will have noticed, over the past couple of weeks, all posts have been written by contributing writers (Yoram, Malki, Frochel, The Hasid, Malki, and Paroggan).
The same reasons that initially forced me to conceal my identity have forced me to cease writing completely and  suddenly. Fortunately, a wonderful group of people enabled the [...]


Thank you, and Good Night

The Sensible Jew is about to go on indefinite hiatus.
Before I sign off, however, I would like to thank our guest writers, Yoram Symons, Malki Rose, Frochel, Hasid, and Paroggan for keeping the site filled with content over the last couple of weeks.
I would also like to thank Yvonne Fein for her invaluable input, suggestions [...]


Defence of the Wertheim Appointment – Just Not Good Enough

About two weeks ago we began following the story of Peter Wertheim’s appointment to the position of Executive Director at ECAJ. The utterly opaque process by which this appointment had been made smacked of the very failings in accountability of leadership about which we have been writing from the outset.
In response to “letter writers to [...]