In The AJN 1: The Stark Contrast between Albert Dadon and the JCCV

A number of items in this week’s  Australian Jewish News deserve a mention.

This post will contrast the highly problematic style of the JCCV with the sophistication and achievement of Albert Dadon.

What is so striking about Dadon’s opinion piece (AJN page 25), is the way it manages to be both humble and without vitriol, while still arguing its case forcefully.

In short, Dadon eviscerates the old canard that as a community, we must speak with only one voice, and that dissenting opinions are inherently harmful to our interests. In fact, he makes a very good case that insisting on unanimity within the community (which is as impossible to achieve, as it is foolish to desire) actually bolsters the arguments of people like Malcolm Fraser: the evil Jewish Lobby is alive and well, crushing its opposition wherever it finds it.

The substance of Dadon’s argument is rigorous and logical, but his style of writing is equally impressive. The blustering arrogance that seems to define so much of what our leaders foist upon us and the Australian public is entirely absent from his article. His humility is particularly impressive considering the central role he played in bringing Julia Gillard to Israel, and strengthening Australian/Israeli ties in the process.

This is valuable, tangible, Zionist work that benefits both countries, and most certainly benefits Australian Jews.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the JCCV seems determined to make us all look like ill-educated, sectarian yokels, separate from the rest of Australian society.

I wrote earlier about the paucity of thought and language in the JCCV’s submission to the Lexicon project. Such a sub-standard contribution to an important debate is a travesty in itself, but that travesty is compounded exponentially by the body’s complete lack of mandate to represent us. These men (aside from their type-setters and tiffin-carriers, they are almost always men) are completely unaccountable. They never have to answer to anybody for any disservice they might do to the community.

They labour under the delusion that their mandate is unalienable: that by performing their “duties,” they are free to do as they wish.  Should anyone criticise their performance, they claim they perform a tedious job no one else would deign to do and that Australian Jews should be grateful… and keep quiet.

Contrast this attitude with the tone of Albert Dadon’s article. Both his words and his actions are an instruction in true leadership.

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