Coming Next – In The AJN Bumper Edition: Pontificators, Congratulations, and our GLBT Community

Some weeks, I’ll open the AJN on a Thursday morning, and feel dismay that too few of our machers have been behaving foolishly/disingenuously enough to write about. Not so this week. Today’s AJN is a bumper edition.

Dvir Abramovich, not content with having humiliated hiimself and the community in The Sunday Age, has his feather-weight diatribe republished in our community organ.

Once more, we can be struck by his poverty of research, his inability to support an argument with evidence, and a vicious, pompous tone that pretty much proves every point this blog has ever made about bad Jewish PR.

There’s also been a lot of activity via email lists this week concerning Melbourne’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) community and the discrimination they face. There have been heated email exchanges between Michael Barnett of Aleph and the JCCV. To its credit, the AJN has devoted a fair bit of space to this matter.

Meanwhile, we’re also treated to analyses from various quarters of the community survey, including a lugubrious piece by John Searle.

He is very concerned that a number of people feel they have no influence in community matters.


He’ll be seeking Professor Markus’s guidance on the matter. One wonders if multi-year university studies are required to convince our leaders of the glaringly obvious. Is it only when the hard data is published and made public that our leaders can no longer obfuscate about their unrepresentative nature?

Finally, congratulations are in order. Tomorrow, I’ll write about why we should be particularly impressed by Nomi Blum’s achievements in winning a scholarship to study the Rwandan genocide. It’s a particularly interesting story because it demonstrates how people from our community can harness and transform our own family traumas into doing valuable work in the wider world.

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5 Responses to “Coming Next – In The AJN Bumper Edition: Pontificators, Congratulations, and our GLBT Community”

  1. amy r says:

    I’ve been reading the blog for a while and never commented. I agree with alot of what you write but I didn’t feel like getting attacked for my opinions. Its good that you have stopped the really crazy people that were here. Now I fell like I can say what I think without people jumping down my throat. I hope you write more about the gay discrimination in the community.Its been swept under the carpet for too long!

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  2. Chook says:

    Dear Sensible Jew. Please submit a letter to the AJN airing your critisism of Abramovich. I agree he is an embassement, but not that many people, I think, read your blog, so have a go at him in the hard copy print media. He deserves it.

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  3. SJ, you say “To its credit, the AJN has devoted a fair bit of space to this matter.” I’m not entirely sure what the state of play regarding the “fair bit of space” is that you refer to. To quantify it however, there was an article on p8 amounting to no more than 1/3 of a left-hand page (right-hand pages are generally where papers place important stories), and two letters on p23. The letters were from the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby and Gary Burns. The article on p8 appeared primarily because of the letter from Gary Burns and not out of pure benevolence to the cause. There are some curious issues at play here.

    I am very confused why the paper did not approach me for a comment though and wonder if there has been some misunderstanding in the offices of the AJN; or perhaps the paper is taking a new editorial direction. My confusion arises because back in 1999 when the Aleph/JCCV issue was red hot, I had daily conversations with the then editor Dan Goldberg, and generally have been asked for comment when any issue around GLBT issues arises in the community. This time around I seem to have been avoided completely and don’t quite know why, yet, and not for lack of making contact with the acting editor.

    My support of the AJN over the past decade has been unwavering and I have flown their flag high and sung their praises loudly. Over the past few weeks I’ve continued to praise the AJN and their support for GLBT issues over the years. I’ve even stuck my neck out and supported the AJN on unrelated issues on the vicious AJN Watch blog.

    I hope the paper continues to support GLBT causes in the community. I also hope my observations are unfounded.


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  4. sensiblejew says:

    Hi Chook.

    You bet! I’m composing my right of reply column now. It will go in either in the coming edition or in the following edition of the AJN.

    I decided to leave The Age thing alone because getting into a mud fight with Abramovich in the view of the wider public does our community no favours. He embarrassed us all enough as it was. But the pages of the AJN are a different game entirely.

    Hopefully, readers here will be explaining to others how revoltingly dishonest and poorly researched Abramovich’s.

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  5. sensiblejew says:

    Hi everybody!

    Apologies for being so slack in answering comments. Things have been wildly busy at SJ headquarters. I have read and enjoyed all your comments and look forward to reading your ideas on future topics.

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