Back, Hale and Hearty!

Apologies for the absence of posts over the past week. I was unwell with a particularly pernicious bug.

Thanks to all who commented, emailed, and phoned with kind wishes. They were much appreciated!

I’m once again in rude health and will resume with the second half of the report on my meeting with the women of the Zionist Council of Victoria. That post will appear tomorrow.

I’m particularly excited by a seminar given today, by Melanie Landau at Monash University. Her research focuses on Jewish law and women, and while I was quite interested in her work beforehand, I was utterly unprepared for the intellectual tsunami that greeted all in attendance. It was one of the most inspiring academic experiences of my life.

In the coming days,I will try to do her presentation some justice on the blog.

It will be impossible to reproduce  the depth and complexity of her research and arguments. But some profound questions arise from her work, not least of which is: if Jewish women actually knew what was involved in Jewish marital law, would they ever consent to such marriage contracts in the first place? Are women even capable of consent?

Stay tuned….

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One Response to “Back, Hale and Hearty!”

  1. Morry says:

    Nice to have you back … even if the message was for “Hale and Hearty”, whoever they are. Certainly hope you’re well.

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