Sex, Denial, and Anarchy: The Event

Thanks to all those who attended, and particular thanks to the wonderful folk at Auburn Road Centre, who made it clear to those of us who are not members, that we were in a place that honours Judaism, the life of the mind, and the individual.

And boy do they know how to put on a Kiddush!

At the Sex, Denial, Anarchy Forum -

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6 Responses to “Sex, Denial, and Anarchy: The Event”

  1. TheSadducee says:


    How did you pull off smiling and sleeping at the same time? :P

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  2. Now that is one of the ways to get people excited!

    The descriptions under Rudd and Turnbull were most priceless.

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  3. Alex Fein says:

    Hi Adelaide.

    Sure, it was a real event.

    It happenned yesterday.

    It was both bizarre and wonderful.