Coming Up – The Rabbi Elon Sex Scandal: The Personal and The Political

Rabbi Motti Elon was once Israel’s great hope for bridging the highly charged secular/religious divide.

A man of enormous charisma and limitless reserves of energy, he was Orthodoxy’s most powerful advocate among Israel’s irreligious.

He was also the head of a key yeshiva (seminary), from which have now emerged allegations of his “sexual misconduct.”

The case is steeped in mystery – no one is sure what the allegations even constitute.

In the light of the most recent Catholic sexual abuse scandals, the Jewish parallel highlights the dangerous mix of religion, closed systems, charisma, and systemic opacity.

This series will begin with Yaron’s memories of Rabbi Elon during his time studying at the Rabbi’s yeshiva. Yaron and I will then to explore the many complex and vexed elements that have characterised this case.

Click here to read a summary of the affair.

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