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More Than Three Opinions: A Map of The Jewish Australian Blogosphere

“Two Jews, three opinions,” is a cliché. It’s also a gross understatement.
The ease with which a blog can be set up combined with my people’s natural tendency to debate anything, means that there is now a cornucopia of Jewish Australian opinion available online.
Left and right, centre and periphery, religious and secular, Zionist and anti-Zionist – [...]


Oh Dvir! Now It’s Official

Dvir Abramovich was at it again.
Yet another piece about how Jews and the Holocaust don’t get the respect they deserve.
Yet more responses from puzzelled or angry non-Jews.
Yet another attempt by me to demonstrate to non-Jews that Jews who cry wolf regarding anti-Semitism are not representative of the community as a whole.
Even I’m bored…
Or I would [...]


The New Week: Ideas from SJ Readers 1 – Yoram’s Report from Auburn Rd Shul

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Ideas from SJ Readers

Firstly, Yoram, of the Auburn Rd Shul, conducted a discussion among the Shul’s congregants regarding some of the themes raised on this blog. We thank him for doing that. For more information on that discussion, you can read Yoram’s comment here. The congregants, diverse in age and background seemed to agree that the community requires some form of leadership; however, Yoram contends that even though such a forum was effective at promoting discussion, the “Town Hall” style of meeting may not be best suited to establishing tangible changes.


What Were They Thinking? And Danny Lamm is Their Messenger!

Tomorrow – or perhaps the next day, those who enjoy seeing the Jews look stupid in the media are going to have a real mechiah! Tonight, there was a reading in Melbourne of that silly little 8 minute play, by and for people, some of whose best friends are Jews. You know the types. One or two have some media training, but they’re generally content to sit around agreeing with each other that Israel is the problem behind everything from climate change to the NRL footy group sex scandal. Raise your fist in solidarity, man. In other words, these types are pretty boring and we could so easily deprive them of oxygen if we just let them get on with their performance art, face painting, or whatever the hell it is that floats their boat.

But some genius decided that our best course of action was to mount a protest! Yes! With placards! And raised fists! And slogans! Seriously! Please imagine the undecided Aussie sitting at home watching Lateline (tonight on ABC), and seeing these angry Jews shrieking and looking like they were having a go at trying to hinder free expression. Reckon our Aussie mate was convinced? Any first year communications student can tell you that before mounting any sort of public campaign, you need to think about your audience.