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More Than Three Opinions: A Map of The Jewish Australian Blogosphere

“Two Jews, three opinions,” is a cliché. It’s also a gross understatement.
The ease with which a blog can be set up combined with my people’s natural tendency to debate anything, means that there is now a cornucopia of Jewish Australian opinion available online.
Left and right, centre and periphery, religious and secular, Zionist and anti-Zionist – [...]


In The AJN – The Community Survey; a Question; and Coming Next

Community Survey
Headed by Andrew Markus, the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash has recently completed a 45 page study on patterns in Australia’s Jewish community.
This week, The AJN published some of the results, and this post will examine some of the more interesting findings:
1) Religious affiliation – As expected, Orthodox Jews are in the [...]


Shabbat Shalom Redux

A very brief, but still heartfelt Shabbat Shalom to all our readers.
As always, The Sensible Jew will break for the Sabbath, but feel free to peruse and comment on the day of rest if that is what relaxes you. We cannot guarantee such activities’ Halachic bona fides, however.
We will return on Sunday and look forward [...]


Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

We wish all our readers a wonderful, cheese-cake filled Shavuot and a restful Shabbat. We, at The Sensible Jew, plan on eating quiche.
We will resume serious posting on Sunday, May 31, when we answer reader questions about diaspora criticism of Israel, and the folly of agressive Israel advocacy on western campuses.
We will also address a [...]


Where to now? practical questions and suggestions for change in our community and a link to Manny Wax’s Report

Manny Waks, formerly of B’nei Brith has spent considerable time researching our community and looking into the possibility of establishing a nation-wide think tank.
[edited at 10:51pm to add] Manny has now put the report online. You can read it here. He points out that it is not an academic document, but one designed for the [...]


The New Week: Ideas from SJ Readers 2 – Jewish Priorities, the Media, Jewish Schools, and our Leadership

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Ideas from SJ Readers

While we strongly agree with Yoram on this, we do not agree with his extrapolation that we should not focus too much on the media, or get caught up in its “glamour.” Yoram believes that we are not in any danger of an imminent “pogrom,” and with this we would also agree.

…That does not mean that relations between our community and the Muslim community have not deteriorated considerably. There are many unpleasant actions and events that can take place before large scale violence occurs. It’s also important to remember that communal violence of any stripe never erupts without a long lead-up of perceived insults to honour. One of the hopes of The Sensible Jew is to catch the destructive tendencies of our leadership before any lasting and long term damage is done. Indeed, danger is not imminent, so we are blessed in that we have this opportunity, during a time of peaceful relations with other communities, to build networks and on-the-ground relationships that will prevent a slide into inter-communal animus.


Shabbat Shalom

Hello to all our sensible friends.
We’d like to update you on a couple of issues:
1) The Sensible Jew has now been viewed by2,467 unique visitors since we began last week, according to the Wordpress statistics. That’s a pretty big number. Over the last few days, we’ve been averaging around or over 400 visitors. Today, it [...]